My name is Vincent Leinweber and I do design work, preferably illustrations. I also do Tattoos.

I'm currently a lecturer at Hochschule Mainz for Animation & Storytelling.



"I only believe in the Power of Fun" Collaborative installations with Frederik Stein and Lukas Schwank, at Substanz der Stadt, Mainz, 2019

Co-Exhibition with Marius Brandt, at Substanz der Stadt, Mainz, 2018 

Group Exhibition at Hempquarters Gallery, Barcelona, 2015

"Printing Matters" - Group exhibition at Graphik-Kabinett, Backnang, 2014

"Ping-Pong-Principles" - Group exhibition at Pengland, Mainz, 2013

"Der Monarch dankt ab" - Group exhibition at Fachhochschule Mainz, 2013



vincentleinweber (at) gmx.de


If you're interested in what inspires me, check my tumblr!